Andrei Santov

Black Hold Broken Piano Katie Bouman

Black hole picture is like a song played on a broken piano, says Katie Bouman

Observing the image of the very first picture ever taken of a black hole would be like…

Iran spying US warships

Iran spying on US warships using drones

Iran spying has been caught on US warships. Indeed, a Revolutionary Guard UAV, the Iranian ideological army,…

russia nuclear done

Russia launches submarine capable of carrying nuclear drone

Russian is building up its nuclear arsenal. A Russian nuclear submarine carrying Poseidon drones, the “weapons of…

George Weah Snakes in Office

George Weah on leave due to snakes in office

George Weah, the head of state of Liberia, has taken leave from his presidential offices. A forced…


Why you should not hold your farts

Retaining intestinal gas can cause serious digestive disorders, warns an expert in nutrition and dietetics from Newcastle…

Alabama Cherokee cave inscriptions finally decoded

The Cherokee did not live their best time as a tribe in the early nineteenth century. The pressure of white populations on…

DNA Life Expectancy

DNA could be used to predict life expectancy

DNA can tell a lot about a person: his or her region of origin, his or her…


75% of all stars in the universe may not allow life to develop

Recent analyzes suggest that the ingredients needed for life may be lacking in red dwarf-centered systems, which…


Netflix could soon use artificial intelligence to block account sharing

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2019, a British company unveiled a service dedicated to VOD solutions, able…

He Jiankui

Controversial Chinese scientist who genetically modified babies could face the death penalty

Chinese geneticist He Jiankui received a storm of criticism in 2018 after announcing in November that he…

Tess Telescope Discovery

NASA has discovered an exoplanet three times larger than Earth

In April last year, NASA officially launched the TESS telescope, which with its more advanced…

Iguanas reintroduced to Galapagos

Iguanas have been reintroduced to Galapagos for the first time since 19th century

Finally, iguanas have been reintroduced to Galapagos. Indeed, 1436 endemic saurians from the Ecuadorian archipelago were reintroduced…


Researchers have found a genetic mutation that increases the risk of developing tuberculosis

A large part of the population carries a genetic mutation that increases the risk of developing tuberculosis.

Asthma Inhaler

Fertility problems increase the risk of asthma in children

When parents resort to fertility treatments, the risk of the newborn suffering from asthma is higher.

Living with animals reduces the risk of allergies

A new study by scientists from Gothenburg (Sweden) reveals that children growing up with animals are less likely to…

Vegetable Milk

The risk is obesity doubles in babies who have consumed too much vegetable milk

A few years ago, Swedish researchers linked the consumption of vegetable drinks at six months of age to a…