Astronomy 1

Hundreds of black holes teeming at the center of the Milky Way

There could be hundreds, if not thousands, of stellar black holes in the center of our galaxy. According to…

Black Holes

Astronomers have discovered the fastest growing black hole ever

A group of astronomers discovered the fastest growing black hole in the Universe known until now, which absorbs a…

Astronomy 4

Massive asteroid to pass near the Earth on Tuesday night

Missing from the “radar” soon after its discovery in 2010, it was found by chance again on May 8th,…

Europa table salt ocean

Jupiter’s moon Europa has enough ingredients to sustain life

A new analysis of the measurements made by NASA’s Galileo spacecraft more than 20 years ago in the ice…


Atmospheric changes on exoplanets could reveal alien life

Life flourishes on Earth thanks to its atmosphere, its composition and the way it reacts to seasonal changes. If…

Astronomy 8

Venus and Jupiter might be playing with Earth’s orbit

Our planet follows a remarkably circular trajectory around the Sun, but as new research indicates, the Earth’s orbit sometimes…

Moon Exploration

Moon dust can damage cell DNA, causing mutations and cancer

Unusual. Moon dust can damage cell DNA, cause mutations and cause cancer. Scientists from Stony Brook University (New York State,…


New exoplanet discovered around binary star system

An international team of researchers led by Dutch astronomers from Leiden University discovered a young planet around the CS…

Astronomy 12

This is how the Sun will die

When and how will our star die? What will the Sun be like after his death? Astronomers have recently…

Solar Waves

Gigantic whirls discovered on the sun

German researchers have discovered huge, vortex-shaped waves on the sun. As the team led by Laurent Gizon of the…


Astronomers have discovered a cloudless exoplanet

An international team of researchers has discovered an exoplanet whose atmosphere has no clouds, which represents a breakthrough in…

Binary star systems

This star stole the hydrogen of its companion, making it explode

In 2001, astronomers observed a supernova in the galaxy NGC 7424 about 40 million light years away from us….

Insight Probe

NASA sends its InSight probe to Mars

A geological robot equipped with a hammer and a seismograph was launched towards Mars on Saturday to explore the…

Astronomy 18

Asteroids could end life on Earth

In a particularly alarming report, experts say that many asteroids are en route to Earth and that a large…

Astronomy 20

Helium discovered for the first time on an exoplanet

When analyzing the atmosphere of the gas giant WASP-107b in the infrared range, astronomers came across the signature of…

Astronomy 22

Does the water on Earth come asteroids?

The formation of impact craters has been simulated in the laboratory since the 1960s with the Ames Research Center….