Neanderthal man mastered the art of fire

Humans North America Immigration

Humans might have reached America earlier than expected

Archaeology 3

Ancient man reached Asia much earlier than previously thought

Archaeology 5

Scientists discover in China the fossil of a new species never seen before

Archaeology 7

More than 25 geoglyphs discovered in Peru, near Nazca

Archaeology 9

Oldest animal footprints discovered in China

Falcon Mummy

The falcon mummy mystery finally solved

Archaeology 12

Máximo, the largest dinosaur ever discovered, to be exhibited at the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History

Archaeology 14

There are no secret rooms in Tutankhamun’s tomb

Archaeology 16

Scientists have identified possible Dead Sea manuscripts thanks to NASA

Archaeology 18

Massive human sacrifice site discovered in Peru

Archaeology 20

The Shigir Idol is the oldest wooden sculpture in the world

Archaeology 22

85,000-year-old fossil discovered in Saudi Arabia

Archaeology 24

Asteroid impact triggered the rise of the dinosaurs

Archaeology 26

Scientists have found an 85,000-year-old fossil that may change history

oldest foot imprints

Researchers have found the oldest human footprints in North America