Animals 1

Donald Trump, a newly discovered amphibian

Animals 3

The deadliest animal in Australia is not what you would expect

Animals 5

China reopens the trade of rhinoceros horns and tiger bones

Animals 7

Half of the world’s killer whale population is threatened with extinction

Animals 9

Dog and cat saliva may cause deadly infections in humans

Animals 11

Snailfish species discovered in Atacama trench

Wedge Tail Eagle

Australia: man arrested in the case of the poisoned eagles

Animals 14

A species of sharks long thought to be carnivorous reclassified as omnivorous

Animals 16

Hundreds of mummified penguins discovered in Antarctica

Animals 18

This animal can live 10,000 years

Animals 20

300 turtles found dead in Mexican waters

Animals 22

King penguins: massive decline of the world’s largest colony

Animals 24

Trump’s border wall threatens the survival of several endangered species

white rhinoceros

Scientists have created embryos of almost extinct white rhinoceros

Animals 27

The world’s oldest orangutan dies in an Australian zoo

Animals 29

Wild animals are becoming more nocturnal because of human activity