Prostate cancer and infertility would have the same cause


Men who suffer from infertility are more likely to have prostate cancer, according to a Swedish study.

Researchers at Lund University in Sweden used data from national birth and cancer registries to test the possible link between male infertility and prostate cancer. They found that men who had been treated for infertility also had a higher risk of developing early-stage prostate cancer before they were 55 years old.

Professor Yvonne Giwercman, who led this study published in the British medical journal, believes that male infertility should be a risk marker for doctors and should encourage them to follow these patients a little closer in the prevention of Cancer. “They are educating a small, high-risk group and we should monitor them more closely,” she told the BBC.

However, no causal link has yet been proven.

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Eddy Shan

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