Swiss Air Force gives air show at the wrong place

Swiss air force wrong fly-by

Swiss Air Force wrong fly-by. The Swiss force has given a fly-by at the wrong place. On Saturday afternoon, the Swiss Patrol Tiger, from the Swiss Air Force, was eagerly awaited in Langenbruck (BL), where a ceremony was held to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the death of Oskar Bider, a pioneer of Swiss aviation and a native of the municipality of Basel.

This was to be the highlight of the day, and several people had gone to the scene specifically for the event. In vain, because the Suiss air force gave the fly-by at the wrong place.

“It is a bit embarrassing”

Indeed, the show did take place, but above the neighboring village of Mümliswil-Ramiswil (SO), where is currently taking place… a yodel festival. There was therefore a large crowd and unusual facilities, which is why “the Swiss Air Force probably thought it was the right place,” says a reader.

Another fan on the scene, who was waiting for the fighter planes, believes that “it’s a little embarrassing for those who are supposed to be the Swiss elite in the field. I hope the Air Force can reach the right destination in an emergency. “

“Unfortunate circumstances”

For his part, the spokesman of the Swiss Air Force Daniel Reist confirms that the Patrol was indeed wrong destination. He explains this confusion by “unfortunate circumstances”: “The distance between Mümliswil-Ramiswil and Langenbruck is only a few kilometers. Approaching the festival area in Mümliswil, the Patrol leader saw a large tent, which is why they flew over this area, “Daniel Reist told local media.

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However, the spokesman believes that this error is not worrying. The Swiss Patrol pilots, all equipped with Tiger F-5E, have instruments over 40 years old. “The navigation is done with a map, a felt and the view,” he explained.

Such confusion could not occur in the context of a real emergency, because “in this case, the pilots would not fly by sight,” said Daniel Reist.

Abbad Farid

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