Sarah Jessica Parker reveals appalling co-star behavior

Sarah Jessica Parker co-star behavior

Sarah Jessica Parker co-star behavior. Sex in the City star Sarah Jessica Parker has lifted the veil on the behavior of co-star that she had to endure back in the days. The co-star in question — of whom she did not reveal the identity — showed harassment-like behavior towards the Ms. Parker, who had to resort to her agent.

In her almost four-decade career in film and television, actress Sarah Jessica Parker has worked with many of Hollywood’s leading men, including Steve Martin, Nicolas Cage, Johnny Depp, Jack Nicholson, Hugh Grant, Matthew McConaughey and Alec Baldwin.

The 54-year-old Sex and the City star has also grappled with countless situations in which men behaved inappropriately toward her, according to a recent interview on NPR’s “Fresh Air” show. That includes a “big movie star,” who made comments about her body and encouraged other people on the set to tell her degrading things.

Tired, the actress spoke with her agent and let her know what was happening on the set with this well-known actor, of whom she did not reveal the identity, or the name of the project.

Sarah Jessica Parker said the behavior was serious enough and clearly “crossed all boundaries.” I was convinced that the actor was not going to stop. “I went to my agent, because I felt I could no longer convey how uncomfortable that was doing to me, how inappropriate it was.”

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Within hours of telling her representative, Parker said that “everything had changed.” She remembers how her agent had told the man in question: “‘If this continues, I sent you a one-way ticket from this city, where I was filming, and it will not come back.'”

When asked how her work was in the movie after the incident, Parker explained that it was not “nice”. “But I did not have to be shy anymore and fear a potential conversation,” he added. “I did not have to listen to jokes about me or my figure or about what people thought they could convince me to do.” That stopped.

Parker said she lived through those traumatic experiences when she began her career as a young television actress in the early 1980s and had to deal with men with power. At that time, she admitted that she did not recognize the inappropriate actions of her colleagues as problematic or that she felt she had the power to say “no”.

To protect herself, Parker said that she acted timidly or played off the unpleasant comments. She also did everything possible to avoid talking to these men in any situation outside of work. Like many women, she believed that she had to put up with men who treated her in a degrading manner to continue working.

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But Parker, who is married to actor Matthew Broderick, said her views on sexual harassment changed in the wake of the #MeToo movement, and helped her realize she had more power than she thought.

“Until about six or eight months ago I began to recognize innumerable experiences of men who behaved badly, inappropriately, and all the ways I had allowed to continue working,” said the actress, who currently stars in the HBO Divorce series.

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