Roger Daltrey’s voice will be gone in 5 years, says Roger Daltrey…

Roger Daltrey voice

Roger Daltrey voice. The voice of Roger Daltrey is one of the most important in the history of rock. With his band The Who, he broke down barriers in the 60’s and 50 years later he is still fit to give massive concerts. Although we now know that not everything is rosy and Daltrey himself knows it, as he recently said that his voice would be gone sooner than we thought.

In an interview for Billboard, Roger was asked about his age and if he expected one day that he would not be able to sing: “Obviously, within the next five years I think my voice will be gone. The years will win.” Although Daltrey hastened to say: “At this moment (the voice) is still there.”

Despite this shocking statement, it seems that the legendary singer does not want to miss out on the years that according to him he has left with the great voice that we know him for, since last year Daltrey released his first solo album in 26 years, ‘As Long As I Have You’.

In addition to touring with The Who, he and Pete Townshend are composing the band’s new album, with which they plan to return after launching in 2006 Endless Wine. The musician and singer is unstoppable. We do not know how much longer Roger Daltrey has left with that great voice that conquered us, but there is something for sure, you can not miss the opportunity to see him live.

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An atypical rock star. The charismatic singer of The Who, Roger Daltrey, has always felt out of step with his peers. Fleeing drugs, this son of a worker has made work and discipline his two watchwords.

In a stripping autobiography, “My Generation,” he goes back to his memories. From his miserable childhood to mythical concerts like Woodstock in 1969, to the numerous shouting matches with the other members of the band.

The book is a gold mine of anecdotes, written in a direct and percussive style. A touching testimony of a bygone era, when the world still resonated to the sound of electric guitars.