Alabama man, Raven Smith, sentenced to 615 years in prison

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Raven Smith Alabama. An Alabama man who has confessed to raping, sodomizing and sexually abusing young children was sentenced to 615 years in prison according to local authorities. The man who goes by Raven Smith, 35, nonetheless apologizes to the families of the victim.

A man in Alabama who goes by the name of Raven Smith confessed to multiple sex crimes against children under the age of 16 was sentenced to 615 years in prison. The odd number of years is reportedly chosen in purpose by the judge presiding over the case to make unlikely that Smith Smith would ever be granted parole.

District Attorney J.T. Jones appeared close to breaking down in tears during the trial when describing the extent of Smith’s crimes, which occurred over several years.

The crimes Smith confessed to lasted several years and the parents of the victims were reportedly afraid to come forward.

“When you deal with cases that involve children, particularly young children, it’s going to hit your heart strings every time. You get to know them and you feel the pain they go through,” District Attorney J.T. Jones told WSFA 12 after the hearing.

One child’s mom said she believed there were more victims who were too scared to come forward.

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“I don’t want them to be afraid anymore,” she told WTVY. “I want them to know he’s in jail and can’t ever hurt them or anyone else,” she said.

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