Large sum of money found in abandoned boat in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico boat money

Puerto Rico boat money. Nearly 4 million dollars were found in a boat in Puerto Rico. The boat was abandoned by its owner(s). Indeed, after border patrol agents in Puerto Rico chased after a boat on Sunday, they found five duffel bags stuffed with $3.7 million in cash.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection and Drug Enforcement Administration agents announce that they have seized the money found in five duffle bags aboard a boat near Fajardo, Puerto Rico. The money was left behind as the alleged traffickers run away, the U.S. agency said Monday inĀ a statement.

The seizure followed CBP Air and Marine Operations agents having detected the vessel heading from Fajardo to the U.S. Virgin Islands with its lights off and requested a Marin patrol aircraft to conduct surveillance.

“We remain committed to working with other federal and local law enforcement partners to detect and deter smuggling attempts throughout the Caribbean,” Johnny Morales, director of air and marine operations for the Caribbean Air and Marine Branch, said in a statement Monday.

Border Patrol said they seized the cash under failure to declare and bulk cash smuggling laws.

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