Norma Allbritton arrested for the murder of her husband 35 years later

Norma Allbritton arrested

Norma Allbritton arrested. Texas woman, Norma Allbritton, was arrested for the murder of her husband, which occurred in 1984. Allbritton is 84 years old.

Johnie E. Allbriton died in Florida (USA) after getting shot five times while at home. The case was closed in 1984 without suspects. His wife, 84 years old, is now being investigated today.

Norma Allbritton, an 84-year-old woman, was arrested on July 1 at her home in Palestine, in the state of Texas, for the alleged murder of her husband in 1984 in Florida, reports Palestine Herald-Press. The case remained unsolved for 35 years, until the television show ‘Cold Justice’ returned to it and the Leon County Sheriff’s Office and the Texas Rangers began to investigate it again.

Johnnie E. Allbritton died after receiving five shots in the chest and back with a shotgun in his house. There were no suspects and the case was closed. Three years before the event, the daughter of the couple, aged 13, was also shot dead. The official cause of Pam Allbritton’s death was suicide.

The truth is that two weeks after the death of her husband, Norma Allbritton had to undergo a polygraph test. But she did not do so because she had allegedly been wounded with a shotgun as well.

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In 2015, on the 30th anniversary of the death of Johnnie E. Allbritton, Leon County Sheriff Kevin Ellis digitized the files and evidence of the case and sent them to the aforementioned television program. The collaboration of the Sheriff’s Office and ‘Cold Justice’ allowed the interrogation of at least 50 people and the gathering of multiple evidence.

At the end of June the investigation had enough material to arrest Allbritton. After being detained on July 1, the woman was released on bail two days later after she had paid $ 50,000. 35 years later, the case is in full investigation.

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