Microsoft ‘announces’ Windows 1.0

Microsoft Windows 1.0 Announcement

With its mysterious announcement, the software company has set social media on fire. Windows fans are struggling in vain for a logical explanation. What is Microsoft up to?

It’s the year 2019 – and Microsoft is causing a lot confusion and wild speculation with a strange announcement. On its social media accounts, from Twitter to Instagram, the software giant has released a video announcing the ‘upcoming launch of the all-new Windows 1.0’, which will come with features such as MS-DOS Executive, a clock and more. 

Since the software company is not known its joking tendencies, fans and experts alike are now left wondering whether Microsoft is indeed announcing a brand new operating system.

As you can see above, the video posted by Microsoft on Twitter shows the Windows 10 logo, accompanied by synthetic pop sound from the 1980s. It follows a fall back through the Windows worlds of the past decades to the logo of Windows 1.0. Even the Twitter profile @Windows has been adapted to Windows 1.0.

This new old logo can now also be seen on the official Windows presence on Instagram, where all the previous photos were deleted. The company also aroused the attention of fans even more with a follow-up post on Instagram featuring a picture of old Windows software.

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Windows Central, a site which specializes in all-things Microsoft, tried to elucidate on the posts. “It’s possible that the company could be planning to open source the operating system, just as it has done already for MS-DOS and Windows Calculator. Or, it could simply be the social accounts having a bit of fun. Either way, today was a nice trip back to November of 1985,” Windows Central speculates.

 On the other hand, a German Windows blog declared that “ultimately a logical conclusion” could be to announce “Windows One” as the upcoming version of its operating system. After all, Microsoft is allegedly working on a slimmed-down OS variant with Windows 10 core and simplified user interface.

The explanation could be much easier, as always. It could just be a commercial gimmick. Netflix’s third season of “Stranger Things” is to start on July 4th. This science fiction mystery series takes place in 1985 — the year when the first Windows was introduced. Microsoft might be taking advantage of that.

Recently anyway various companies, such as Nike, Schwinn and Coca-Cola, have been also stepping up with limited new editions of nostalgic products .

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