Man arrested for stealing Marilyn Monroe statue

Marilyn Monroe statue theft arrest

Marilyn Monroe statue theft arrest. A man is behind bars in connection with the theft of the statue of Marilyn Monroe on Hollywood Boulevard.

The Southern California man who stole an iconic Marilyn Monroe statue from Hollywood was sentenced to one year in jail and ordered to pay more than $14,000, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office said Tuesday.

The man is the same man accused of using an ax on the star of President Donald Trump on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, authorities said.

Austin Mikel Clay, 25, was convicted last summer after being captured by security cameras destroying the Trump star.

Clay returned to the Walk of Fame, this time to climb to the top of a gazebo with a saw, according to the police.

“It’s unfortunate that he’s using this method to gain fame,” said Detective Douglas Oldfield of the Los Angeles Police Department.

An NBC4 viewer witnessed the crime and helped initiate an investigation. A security video brought the detectives to Clay, who has been on probation for serious crimes.

“We saw that he was on probation, so we decided to visit him where we got evidence,” Oldfield said.

When he went after the star Trump, Clay said the reason was political. “I wanted to make a statement,” he said at the time.

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The motive against the figure of Marilyn Monroe? “What this person wants is to be famous,” said Oldfield. “We’d like to say that this is the wrong way to do it.”

But the figure of Marilyn Monroe is still missing. Oldfield said it could have been broken and in multiple pieces.

Police said the suspect put up a work of art on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Sunday and used a saw to remove a statue of Marilyn Monroe at the top of Hollywood’s Four Ladies gazebo.

The video from the security camera seems to show someone jumping out of the artwork and leaving with a backpack.

The man and another suspect, both wearing caps, can be seen on the Walk of Fame with the backpack before entering the nearby Roosevelt Hotel and meeting a couple in the lobby. They are opening the bag and taking a look inside.

The Hollywood Roundabout pays homage to women in films from different cultures that brought a change to the film industry. The work of art presents representations of Dolores del Río, Dorothy Dandridge, Mae West and Anna May Wong.

A statue of Monroe, who died in 1962, with her famous “The seven-year itch ” pose, crowned the structure.

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