Man swept over Niagara Falls after intentionally jumping in

Man swept over Niagara Falls

Man swept over Niagara Falls. A man who voluntarily let himself be carried away by the imposing Niagara Falls was found safe and sound more than 50 meters lower, Canadian police said Wednesday.

The Niagara Parks Police received a call Tuesday at 4 am reporting a “man in crisis” upstream of the famous falls. When the police arrived on site, the person was climbing the protective barriers and was then washed away, police said on Twitter.

After searching at the foot of the falls, the man was found sitting on a rock “with no-risk wounds for his survival”, and was later transferred to the hospital for treatment, police said. He threw himself on the Canadian side of the Niagara River, on the border with the United States, surviving a fall of about 57 meters in height.

His identity was not disclosed by the police. . This is the only fourth person to survive an unprotected fall at this location, according to local media.

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