Man dies after eating gecko as a challenge

dies after eating gecko

Dies after eating gecko — The family of a father of three who died after eating a gecko as a dare at a party is still looking for answers more than six months after his death. David Dowell, 35, died tragically 10 days after the Christmas party on December 1, 2018.

“He was a great person, he was the best person I’ve ever met, he was the best father for our children.” This is how Allira Dowell described her husband David, who died at the age of 35 after accepting the challenge of a eating a gecko in Australia.

According to the NY Post, the father of three children swallowed a gecko after an acquaintance encouraged him to do so on December 1st of last year. Two days later, he was taken to an emergency center in “absolute agony”. On the 9th of the same month he died.

At first the relatives believed that he suffered a gastric attack or a strong hangover. However, it was nothing like that. “We never thought this would happen, it was just a big shock and it’s still a big shock,” the wife told local media.

While Hannah, the deceased’s sister, told The Brisbane Times that “when they got there, they (the paramedics) did not even want to take him (to the hospital). They said he only had gastroenteritis and his his wife told them: ‘No, you have to take him, this is not just “gastro”.

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According to his relatives, the man began to urinate black, vomited green bile and his stomach swelled to the level of a seven-month pregnant woman. Meanwhile, his lungs were filled with fluid and then leaked to the stomach.

“His testicles swelled until they looked like grapefruits,” revealed Michelle Dowell, David’s mother. “He basically rotted from the inside out,” he added.

Tendays after eating the gecko, the doctors performed an emergency surgery. However, the patient could not resist and died in full operation.

Did he really eat the gecko? There is still some doubt months after his death, but according to those present, they remember that he actually took the gecko in his hands and ate it.

David Dowell, 35, died tragically 10 days after a Christmas party during which he allegedly ate a gecko on December 1, 2018.

The results of the tests performed on him also support this claim. He was diagnosed with Salmonella and it has been verified that diverse animals carry it in their entrails, including snakes, frogs and the mentioned geckos.

It’s not the first time that someone has died after accepting the challenge of eating an animal in Australia. In 2010, A 19-year-old man by the name of Sam Ballard also died in Australia with the same symptoms after accepting the challenge of some friends to eat a slug. He spent 420 days in a coma and was left with permanent brain damage. He never recovered and died at the age of 28.

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