Man declared dead by doctors wakes up before his burial


According to local media in India, a private hospital declared a young man dead because his family could no longer pay the fees.

The scenario is nightmarish: in India, a young man of 20 years woke up during his own funeral. Victim of an accident, he was pronounced dead a few days earlier at the hospital.

On June 21, Mohammad Furqan, a 20-year-old Indian resident of Lucknow City, had an accident. Unconscious, he was sent to a private hospital in the state of Uttar Pradesh in northern India. “The hospital placed him on respiratory assistance,” his brother Mohd Irfan told The Times of India, “and started charging us huge fees.” They amount to 8 900 euros. “When we informed the hospital that we had no more money, they declared Furqan dead.”

An ambulance brought the young man back to his family so that they could start the funeral. “We were preparing the funeral,” says his brother, “when some of us saw his limbs move.” The family quickly sent Mohammad Furqan back to the hospital. The doctors find that the young man is still alive.

“The patient is in critical condition but there is definitely no brain death,” said Dr. Ashok Nirala, who looks after him, to the Indian press. “He has heartbeat, his blood pressure and his reflexes are normal.”

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Mohammad Furqan is on respiratory assistance and according to the hospital’s authorities an investigation would be conducted.

Nonetheless, the family is relieved but very traumatized.

Eid Lee

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