Fake AIDS vaccine continues to circulate


A Gabonese doctor has been trying to circulate his fake AIDS vaccine for over a decade.

A Gabonese doctor claimed to have invented a vaccine against AIDS! Since 2014 the rumor runs, but it is actually a fake vaccine banned in several countries, with a long story full of twists, according to a new article published on July 5 by AFP.

The drug is called Immunorex. Its creator, Donatien Mavoungou said: “We currently have a therapeutic vaccine against AIDS, which is to this day one of the few in the world to have managed to enter phase 2, with a three-month withdrawal authorization for triple therapy”.

But everything is false. AFP reveals that the Immunorex DM28 has never reached this phase of testing. This did not prevent it however from being marketed in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2016. The active substance of the drug would not even have any effect on the virus, at least its effectiveness has never been proven.

In 2011, Gabon banned the commercialization of Professor Mavoungou’s medicine, which had been on sale in a Libreville pharmacy for 10 years, without having received marketing authorization.

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