Alabama woman Erica Cole accidentally shoots husband in the head during road rage incident

Erica Cole road rage

Erica Cole road rage. Alabama Woman, Erica Cole, ends up shooting husband in the head while trying to shoot another person in a road rage incident. Indeed, according to Alabama authorities, a woman by the name of Erica Cole, who tried to shoot someone else ends shooting her her own husband in the head in a road rage attack.

The road rage incident started on an Alabama highway and ended violently in a house where Erica Cole shot her husband in the head, who remains in intensive care. She has been arrested and faces charges of attempted murder, second-degree assault and reckless danger.

Erica Cole was charged with attempted murder, assault and reckless danger after shooting her husband in the head.

Alabama police reported that Erica Cole shot her husband after attempting to shoot another person in an act of road rage.

Matt Gentry, Sheriff of Cullman County, said the rage incident originated on Highway 69 in Dodge City, Alabama near 6:45 on Saturday afternoon.

The scene ended in a house on County Road in Bremen turning violent when Cole tried to shoot someone else.

Instead, the woman shot her husband Nicholas Cole in the head. The sheriff reported that Mr. Cole was transferred to the UAB hospital and is in intensive care but in stable condition.

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Erica Cole was arrested on charges of attempted murder, second-degree assault and reckless danger. Cole’s bail was set at $ 30,000 and remains withheld at the Cullman County Detention Center. The investigation is ongoing.

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