Egypt detains Iran tanker in the Suez canal

Egypt seizes iran tanker

Egypt detains Iran tanker. Egypt has detained a Ukrainian-flagged tanker carrying oil from Iran as it passed through the Suez Canal ten days ago, the Arab daily Al-Araby Al-Jadeed reported on Tuesday, citing Egyptian sources.

The capture of the tanker with crude oil from Iran occurred in accordance with US sanctions, the source added, before noting that they made a few calls between Tehran and Cairo, during which Iran asked clarifications to Egypt regarding the exact timing of the tanker’s detention.

For his part, the Iranian Minister of Petroleum, Biyan Namdar Zanganeh, had previously announced the detention of a vessel carrying Iranian crude oil to Egypt and another in the Strait of Gibraltar.

On June 4th, the British navy immobilized the Grace 1 supertanker laden with Iranian crude oil in the Spanish waters of the Strait of Gibraltar, on the allegation that the cargo ship was heading for Syria and thus violating the sanctions of the European Union (EU) against this Arab country.

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