Democrats want to launch investigation into Trump’s July 4th Celebration

Democrats investigation July 4

Democrats investigation July 4. Democrats want to launch an investigation into the organization of the July 4 festivities by president Trump. To recall, on July 4, to Celebrate the birthday of America, the president Organized a massive show in Washington.

President Trump announced he planned to repeat his 4th of July salute to the military next year as a trio of Senate Democrats called for an investigation into how much the Washington, D.C., event cost the taxpayers.

“It was a wonderful day for all Americans and based on its tremendous success, we’re just making the decision and I think we can say we’ve made the decision to do it again next year, and maybe we can say, for the foreseeable future,” Trump said at an event at the White House on Monday.

Senate Democrats are requesting the Government Accountability Office (GAO) open an investigation into the costs of President Trump‘s July Fourth celebration, including if it complied with legal restrictions on political activity. 

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