Curry covered seagull mistaken for exotic bird

Curry covered seagull

Curry covered seagull. No it’s some exotic bird or a newly discovered species. It’s a Curry covered seagull. Veterinarians at the Tiggywinkles Clinic in Haddenham, UK, had a strange animal in early July.

After locals called them to say that they had found a troubled orange bird by the side of a road, veterinarians were expecting to have to deal with an exotic species. “We did not know what to expect, and we could never have guessed that!”, They said in a post on the Facebook page of the clinic on July 1st.

This is one of the strangest casualty circumstances we have seen in a while! This bright-orange herring gull was rescued…

Posted by Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital on Monday, July 1, 2019

The bright orange feathered animal was actually… a curry covered seagull. “Its feathers were full of it and it prevented him from flying properly,” said veterinarians who patiently cleaned the animal to restore its normal color.

He added: “We have no idea how he got into this situation, but fortunately, apart from that vibrant color and pungent smell, he was in good health.”

Strange as it may seem, this is not the first time such a situation has come to light. Already in 2016, veterinarians in the United Kingdom had come across an orange gull, recalls the Mashable website. This time, it was a bird a little too greedy who had fallen into a chicken tikka masala dish in a food factory.

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