US Coast Guard troops capture drug submarine in dramatic fashion

Coast Guard submarine

Coast Guard submarine. While US Vice President Mike Pence and his wife were visiting the Naval Amphibious Base in Coronado, California, on San Diego Bay on Thursday afternoon, the US Coast Guard unveiled incredible images of their men boarding a submarine. “Semi-submersible narco” on June 18 in the Pacific Ocean.

On the short video, one minute, a US Coast Guard soldier (USCG) screams towards a semi-submersible craft — half-ship, half-submarine — then several men from the Munro CGC jump on the deck of this craft, finally forcing the person inside to open the hatch.

The Coast Guard found a large amount of cocaine that was carefully packaged, and five men, who were handed over to the US Agency for Drug Control to prosecute.

On Thursday, CSG Munro’s crew returned to base. In its holds were 18.5 tons of cocaine and 420 kilograms of cannabis seized between May and June on 14 from separate ships in the Pacific, for a total value estimated by US Customs at $569 million.

In recent years, Latin American and South American drug traffickers have increased the number of drugs carried aboard these odd devices, painted in dark blue to blend with the ocean, sometimes hidden under the carcass of an innocuous craft. Although expensive, this mode of transportation is very reliable: the USCG estimates that it only intercepts 11% of cartel cargoes that cross the Pacific.

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Eid Lee

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