Circus tigers maul trainer in Southern Italy

Circus tigers maul trainer in Southern Italy. A circus trainer in Italy by the name of Ettore Weber, 61, has been mauled by 4 tigers he was training. The animals have been seized and will probably be transferred to a zoo

Training turns deadly in a circus in the province of Bari. A 61-year-old tiger tamer, Ettore Weber, was attacked and killed by a group of 4 felines during rehearsals for a show. It happened around 8 pm on Thursday and, according to what was reconstructed by the carabinieri, during the training the man was in a cage with four cats, when he was attacked by one of them. Soon thereafter, the other three also attacked him.

The trainer was 61 years old and worked in the circus Marina Monti and not Orfei, as initially communicated by the police. Promptly assisted by circus personnel, Ettore Weber died almost immediately because of his serious injuries.

The animals have been seized and will most likely be transferred to the nearby Fasano zoo. Investigations will be carried out to verify their state of health. Verifications will also be carried out in the structure to understand if the safety conditions were respected. The incident is, at the moment, classified as an accident at work but could become manslaughter, if negligence should be verified.

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Considered a very experienced trainer, Weber was born in Mottola (in the province of Taranto) but lived in the Leccese area for some time. He had worked for several circus structures and was recently engaged in a new form of animal show.

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