Child falls from cruise ship in heartbreaking accident

Child falls from cruise ship

Child falls from cruise ship. An 18-month-old American child on board the Freedom of the Seas cruise ship lost her life in dramatic circumstances on Sunday in the port of San Juan.

A terrible tragedy occurred Sunday on the cruise ship Freedom of the Seas, moored in the port of San Juan, capital of Puerto Rico. An 18-month-old child who was on vacation with her parents and maternal grandparents fell on the 11th floor and crashed onto the wharf. Falling from a height of 45 meters, the child had no chance of surviving.

According to Primer Hora, the little American girl slipped from her grandfather’s hands, who was hanging her in a vacuum from a window. “We heard the cries of the family because we were close. A cry of pain like this one, we can not compare it with any other cry,” testified a passenger. An investigation was opened and the police requisitioned CCTV footage. Passengers who attended the drama will also be heard after receiving psychological support.

“A very sad and tragic case”

On Monday, the girl’s family had not been questioned yet, but the thesis of the accident is privileged. “This is an extremely strong case, very sad and tragic. At one point, one of her grandparents, apparently to play, exposed the girl to the void and she slipped from his hands,” said Elmer Roman, representative of the Ministry of Public Security.

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With approximately 4,000 passengers on board, Royal Caribbean’s ship completed a seven-day voyage between Antigua, Saint Lucia and Barbados. After the tragedy, the captain of the liner presented, via loudspeaker, his condolences to the family of the victim and announced that the ship would be late.