Armored truck rains cash on Atlanta highway

Armored truck cash Atlanta

Armored truck cash Atlanta. Imagine that, you’re driving on the highway and suddenly the car up ahead start raining money on you. That’s exactly what happened to a few lucky drivers in Atlanta when an armored truck started shedding its cash on the interstate.

According to WSB, an armored car’s side door came open and a “substantial” amount of cash flew out on the interstate. And according to police, as many as 15 vehicles topped and helped themselves to the cash.

The police and the driver of the truck tried to recollect all they could but were only able to gather 200 dollars. Dunwoody Police Sgt. Robert Parsons told the press that taking the money off the road is most certainly a crime. They’re investigating to see how much is missing.

The police is also asking anyone who took money from the highway to return it asap.

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Eric Thomas

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