Area 51 raid event planned on Facebook to storm the secretive military base

area 51 raid

Area 51 raid. More than 420,000 people (for now) have signed up for a Facebook event called “Storm Area 51, They Can not Stop All of Us”. The idea behind this so-called Area 51 raid: storm the area in order to gather evidence of the existence of aliens.

Located 80 miles northwest of Las Vegas, the famous Area 51, founded in the 1950s by President Truman, is an official base for testing high-performance military equipment (advanced technology weapons or unmanned aerial vehicles) out of sight. But the area is best known to conspiracy theorists, who claim that Area 51 is used to maintain secret relations between the US military and aliens.

Still, Area 51 is one of the most secret places on the planet. It’s also one of the most militarized. The YouTuber The Grand JD, passionate about paranormal and urban exploration (urbex), has recently made the experiment but was ultimately stopped. But what can the army do against an armada of more than 400,000 people?

This is in some way the idea advocated by this event scheduled on Facebook. For the moment, more than 420,000 people have actually registered to “force” their way into area 51 at dawn on September 20th. The meeting place is planned at the Area 51 Alien Center restaurant, in the Amargosa Valley. The participants will then scatter around the place in order to make the task uneasy to the security guards. Along the same line, and of course, to come across irrefutable evidence that the US military is aware of the existence of extraterrestrial life.

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We do not know for the moment if this event is only a joke, or if it is actually happening. Anyway, authorities are advising people to not venture. Last January, a man who had entered Area 51 was indeed shot by the military after traveling nearly 8 miles within Area 51. The participants of the Facebook event explain for their part that the more people there will be, the more the military will hesitate to open fire.

This tragic accident remains exceptional. In the event of an intrusion, however, you risk being inflicted a heavy fine. You would also be invited to appear in court.

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