Virginia teacher Vohn Lewis gives shoes to student

Virginia teacher Vohn Lewis

Virginia teacher Vohn Lewis is being praised by the public his heartwarming gesture towards one of his students. Mr. Lewis, a substitute teacher at the George Mason Elementary School, was captured on camera giving his shoes to a student who needed them for graduation after his own shoes came apart.

Graduation is a time for students to celebrate their achievements and walk across the stage. But for one student at George Mason Elementary in Richmond, Virginia, that opportunity might have been missed on Wednesday, had it not been for one teacher’s act of kindness.

Vohn Lewis, a substitute teacher known as ‘Mr. Lewis’ at the school, noticed a fifth grader’s parent and guidance counselor searching in vain for supplies to fix one student’s broken shoe so he could proceed to graduation.

“Our guidance counselor brought the student and his mom to me and said ‘help, we need any supplies that you have,’” Bradley Kopelove, an art teacher at the elementary school, told WTVR.

But the supplies didn’t work, so that’s when Vohn Lewis, known to most as Mr. Lewis, stepped in. “Me being me, sometimes my heart leads me to certain situations,” said Lewis. “I said you can wear my shoes man, I wear a size 10.”

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Lewis, who became a substitute teacher at the school is February, is also a mentor with the Brothers United Mentoring Program for young men of color.

“We wanted to be sure we put them with somebody that was going to be able to follow them all the way through their elementary school careers,” Derrick Bates, who is also involved with the program, told the local media.

“If I see a child with a shoe untied or a collar messed up. I can’t sit there and let him walk by or walk by,” he told the media. “I’ll definitely walk up to them and let them know, and that’s just me.”

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