United Airlines Newark flight infested with ants

Ants United Airlines Newark

A United Airlines Newark flight was invaded by ants during a trip from Venice, Italy. The passengers reported seeing hundreds of ants and being beaten the tiny animals.

The passengers of a United Airlines flight shared the seat with an invasion of undesirable and tiny stowaways: ants.

The passengers on a United Airlines flight from Venice to the Newark airport in New Jersey between Sunday and Monday discovered with amazement the presence of a real army of ants in the cabin . The insects, which made an appearance just before taking off, came out of a bag located in one of the upper compartments for luggage.

Charlotte Burns tweeted that the ants came out of a bag in one of the luggage compartments and that the situation quickly got out of control, as the insects dispersed in a matter of minutes. The cabin crew apparently hastened to contain the problem.

United Airlines acknowledged the incident on its flight that departed from Italy to land on Monday in Newark and said its staff responded to the incident.

“We are concerned about the experience that our client reported on United Flight 169 from Venice to Newark, we have been in contact with the crew and they have informed us that the ants have been isolated from a customer’s bag and that they have been eliminated from the affected areas,” a United spokesman said in a statement to NBC 4 New York.

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The airline did not immediately reveal if there will be any kind of decontamination or fumigation process.

Last summer, an Air India flight traveling from Liberty International Airport in Newark to Mumbai was also full of annoying bedbugs. Passengers had posted pictures of painful bites on their social media accounts as seen in the image above.


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