UK printed gun conviction, first in history

UK printed gun conviction

UK printed gun conviction — A 26-year-old man was found guilty of making a firearm with a 3D printer on Wednesday by a London court, a first according to the police.

“This conviction, which is, I think, the first of its kind, (…) prevented a functional pistol from ending up in the hands of criminals,” welcomed in a statement Sergeant Jonathan Roberts, in charge of the investigation. The police initially found components to make a 3D pistol in the young man, during a search for drugs at his home in central London in October 2017.

The person concerned, who does not have a license to carry a weapon, then assured that he was printing a pistol for a university project, without wanting to specify, insisting that he did not know that such a weapon could actually kill. But a “search in his internet history revealed that he had watched videos explaining how to use a 3D printer to make firearms that fire live bullets,” said the police, who also found components 3D gun during a second search in February 2018. His sentence will be pronounced on 9 August.

Last summer in the United States, the legalization of 3D printed weapons led to an unprecedented controversy worldwide, after a legal battle started in 2013. And for good reason, this law allowed the uploading of 3D files of different weapons, allowing anyone to print them directly at home. A strongly criticized decision that had even triggered several outreach operations like the one launched by Dagoma, the Inoffensive Weapons.

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According to spokesman Ivan The Troll, an underground wave of 3D gun printers is in full development – he claims it would include at least 100 people actively using the technology for that purpose, with thousands who contribute to it, all over the world. This network would communicate via the Signal, Twitter, IRC and Discord messaging tools, exchanging files for firearms as well as tips and best practices for different projects. The majority would be 3D printed gun enthusiasts who share the same political ideas about their control. For example, Ivan the Troll has filmed several videos where you can see the few weapons he has created in his garage, with quite disturbing messages like “Everyone can do it” or “Live freely or die” explains the magazine British.

The reality is therefore worrying according to Wired UK: these groups passionate about firearms would do anything to perfect and share the corresponding 3D files, thus promoting a greater use of these weapons in society. We hope that the US government can find a solution to curb this movement and thwart the sharing of these files quickly, even if it seems that it is already too late … Find the original interview of Ivan the Troll HERE.

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