Trudeau slamed over plastic forks use

Trudeau plastic forks

Trudeau plastic forks—Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has received a lot of criticism over the last few days for using plastic utensils at a working dinner, although he has recently committed to banning single-use plastics in Canada as early as 2021 .

In a photo taken at a meeting with the Papineau Youth Council and shared by Mr. Trudeau on Twitter, you can see plastic forks and plastic knives on the table with the pizza that was served.

” Always great to be back in my riding! I had a good meeting with the Papineau Youth Council today. Thanks for your ideas on how we can fight climate change, advance gender equality, and make our community – and Canada – better for everyone,” said the Prime Minister.

 Several Internet users have denounced the use of plastic utensils. One of them even called the stack of forks and knives a “pile of hypocrisy”.

Two weeks ago, Mr. Trudeau promised that single-use plastic products, such as straws, bags and utensils, would be banned in Canada as early as 2021. The list of products to be covered by this ban must be drawn up after scientific evaluations.

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 Conservatives quickly jumped at the opportunity today to attack the Prime Minister.  “As usual, the rules do not apply to Justin Trudeau,” says a statement from the party.

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer, however, does not seem to support the elimination of single-use plastics. On the day the Prime Minister promised to ban them, Scheer said he was worried the measure would have a negative impact on consumers, jobs and the economy.

 Ottawa Global Head of Office Mercedes Stephenson said on Twitter that she got confirmation from the Prime Minister’s Office that the utensils on the photo were actually plastic.

“They will be reused,” he also said.

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