The ransomware Grandcrab has come to an end


Thanks to the efforts of the authorities and a well-known cybersecurity company, the business around the GrandCrab ransomware that has been rampant since 2018 is over.

Nevertheless, its creators claims to have made no less than 2 billion dollars in their pocket!

Since the beginning of 2018, the ransomware GrandCrab has been a real plague, having deprived thousands of Internet users of their data. Like all malware of this type, the goal for the perpetrators is to recover a ransom. This takes the form of a sum of money (or cryptocurrency) against the unblocking of the data.

According to an article published by ZDNet on June 17, 2019, the creators of GrandCrab have announced that they have “retired”. In any case, they did not really have a choice. Indeed, specialized police units – but especially the famous cyber security company Bitdefender – were on their trail since the beginning of the infection. Not long ago, Bitdefender was able to crack the ransomware for the fourth and last time! In addition, the GrandCrab servers were seized.

The fact is that the Russian hackers at the origin of the ransomware would have made not less than 2 billion dollars! It is a real fortune made thanks to a method rather fruitful. In addition to the ransoms recovered by the hackers, they also sold their program to other people for a percentage on future earnings.

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Thus, in addition to the work of the police and Bitdefender, the total amount obtained by the hackers alone seems to justify this retirement .

Obviously, the end of the GrandCrab ransomware is good news, but caution is still needed. Indeed, it is not excluded that an improved or evolved version of the software will one day appear.

The ransomwares return regularly in the news. Several American cities have recently been affected by this type of program, literally blocking institutions. In addition, a computer containing the six most dangerous viruses in the world has been sold by an artist for more than a million dollars!

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