The Office leaving Netflix in 2021

The Office Netflix 2021

The Office Netflix 2021—With more options than ever for viewers, the industry of streaming platforms continues to change at a dizzying pace. And now, the leading service in the industry could lose two of its most popular programs.

After Netflix paid close to $100 million to retain the broadcasting rights of the popular series Friends until 2019, the streaming service is also now on the verge of losing The Office, one of the most watched shows on the platform.

According to CNN and The Wall Street Journal , NBC Universal has decided to end the contract with Netflix, which maintains the nine seasons of the hit comedy exclusively on its platform. The current contract expires in 2021, which guarantees that The Office fans will have at least one more year to laugh over and over again with the extravagant experiences of Michael Scott and the Dunder Mifflin team.

However, after that point Netflix will be left without the program that is reportedly the most popular on the service. Although Netflix does not publish numerical data for any of its contents, the report indicates that Friends and The Office are the programs that viewers spend more time watching multiple times (known as binge watching), and the latter is the most watched program by a wide margin of difference.

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Like many producers of video content, NBC Universal will launch its own direct streaming service to the consumer in the near future, with plans to debut its platform in 2020. Previously, the company indicated that it would continue to license its content to other services, but now it seems that NBC Universal could follow the example of Disney and its Disney Plus service and become the exclusive source of its most popular programs.

“The Office has become a staple of pop culture and is a rare gem whose relevance continues to grow at a time when fans have more entertainment choices than ever before,” said Bonnie Hammer, chairman of NBCUniversal’s direct-to-consumer and digital enterprises, in a statement to the press. “We can’t wait to welcome the gang from Dunder Mifflin to NBCUniversal’s new streaming service.”

The departure of The Office and Friends in the next few years are just some of the pieces of licensed content that Netflix will lose since Disney too is withdrawing most of its content from the service. The Star Wars and Marvel movies have been almost completely removed from Netflix, along with many of the animated Disney and Pixar productions, among other popular programs.

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However, according to Netflix, this transition was not entirely unexpected. “We had already anticipated this decrease in content, and we are ready for it… and in fact we are eager to invest more of our money to be able to make new and spectacular titles,” said CEO Reed Hastings at the presentation of the first quarter of the company with investors this year.

In addition to investing even more in the production of their own original content, Netflix’s recent strategy also included collecting series that were canceled in other media or channels. That investment has led to an increase in the subscription price for Netflix.

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