White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham scuffle with North Korean security forces

Stephanie Grisham scuffle

Stephanie Grisham, the White House press secretary, and the North Korean security forces got into a scuffle during the meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. In a video published by the South Korean channel YTN, Grisham is seen trying to move members of the WH press pool into position to cover Trump and Kim

CNN has echoed the incident and the chain’s chief White House correspondent, Jim Acosta, has called it a “scuffle” on his Twitter account. “New WH Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham got into a scuffle with the North Koreans to move members of the WH press pool into position to cover Trump and Kim, I’m told. Grisham was a bit bruised. Source called it “an all out brawl,” Acosta twitted.

Grisham wanted the press to get closer to the leaders of North Korea and the United States during the historic handshake in the Demilitarized Zone and the encounter to achieve it grew when they wanted to enter a room of Freedom House, on the South Korean side of Panmunjeom.

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The warm handshake by President Donald Trump and leader Kim Jong-un on Sunday, June 30, in a highly symbolic location – Panmunjom, the only point of contact in the demilitarized zone that cuts the peninsula in two – followed by the crossing of the line of demarcation by the American president at the invitation of his interlocutor will remain the emblematic images of a page turning event in the tormented history of Korea.

The crossing by Donald Trump of the demarcation line, materialized on the ground by a concrete line, took place between two of the blue towers of the United Nations, where inter-Korean meetings take place.

After Donald Trump took a few steps north, saying “proud to have crossed the line”, Kim Jong-un in turn crossed this line in his company to find the president Moon Jae-in on the side South. Donald Trump thanked Kim Jong-un for accepting his proposal, “otherwise you would have made me lose face,” he joked. For Kim Jong-un, crossing the dividing line, Donald Trump expressed “his willingness to overcome the barriers”.

With his few steps in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), Donald Trump became the first US president in office to set foot on the ground of the oldest enemy of the United States. What was initially just an impromptu meeting, as proposed by Donald Trump in a morning tweet, Saturday, June 29, while at the G20 ended in Osaka, marks a turning point in relations between Pyongyang and Washington.

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