Rats at Buckingham Palace force the Queen to Leave

Buckingham Palace

Rats Buckingham Palace — While Elizabeth II’s reign has lasted more than 67 years, the monarch recently had to flee from her Buckingham Palace because of an invasion.

As if Queen Elizabeth did not have enough already on her plate with the dispute between her grandchildren, Harry and William. And no, this is not the Rose Hanbury scandal. She is “horrified” by an invasion of rats and mice at the Buckingham Palace to the point of leaving her famous home.

“Mice and rats are a growing problem in the capital, especially in old buildings,” a source told The Sun newspaper on Saturday evening. “Lower-class workers in particular have become used to seeing little black mice hurtling down the halls.” And the rodent problem does not end there, as the source continues to explain. “Rats have been sighted outside the kitchen which is not really ideal,” before adding that “employees, especially those who work in the kitchen, have received basic training on how to prevent them from spread. “

But fortunately Elizabeth II should be able to return home soon. “A pest control service came to deposit poison and examine the problem,” reassures the source of the magazine. This will give the Queen an opportunity to host a family dinner, and perhaps settle the dispute between Harry and Meghan on one side, William and Kate on the other.

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