Rare blue lobster caught in Cape Cod

Cape Code blue lobster

A rare blue lobster was found in a restaurant in Cape Code, local media report. The 7-year-old male lobster was sent to the restaurant as part of a batch from seafood processing and distribution company Ipswich Shellfish Group.

The owner of the restaurant, Nathan Nickerson, told the media that he intends on sending the rare crustacean to an aquarium. Indeed, only 1 lobster, out of 4 million is blue, a genetic mutation that makes it creature out of the ordinary.

Why are some lobsters blue?

First, be aware that its normal color is a combination of red and blue pigments in the lobster hull. The red pigment is called astaxanthin. This pigment is a cousin of beta-carotene, which gives carrots the orange color and is a source of vitamin A. It is also present in shrimp shells and gives color to salmon flesh. Astaxanthin is red because it absorbs blue light. The blue pigment in the lobster shell is called crustacyanin. It is actually composed of several astaxanthin molecules agglomerated with a protein …

Do lobsters exist in other colors?

Lobsters can have a variety of colors, from brown to green, including blue, yellow, red and white. Some are even two colors, having half of their shell one color and the other half a totally different.

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If you cook a blue lobster (which you will not do because you prefer to see it in an aquarium), the heat breaks up the proteins into astaxanthin, destroying the blue pigment. In other words, on a plate, a blue lobster will probably be just like other lobsters: red.

Abbad Farid

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