Putin: Western liberalism is dead, Trump seems to agree

Trump Putin Western liberalism

Trump Putin Western liberalism—In an interview with the Financial Times, the Russian president proclaims the rise of populism. For him, the West and by extension, liberalism, can no longer dictate “anything to anyone”.

It is an ode to the populism that Vladimir Putin is engaged in, in an interview with the British economic newspaper “The Financial Times”. The Russian president predicts the end of liberalism and the rise of populism: according to him the Liberals “simply can not dictate anything to anyone, as they have tried to do in recent decades.”

On the eve of a G20 summit in Osaka, Japan, he says that the “liberal idea” has become obsolete as people are now turning against immigration, open borders or multiculturalism.

He noted, for example, that German Chancellor Angela Merkel made a mistake in accepting more than one million Syrian refugees.

“Liberal ideology suggests that you can do anything, kill, steal, violate: it will not affect you, because you are a migrant, we have to protect your rights, what rights, if you violate the law, you receive your punishment for that,” he said.

In Osaka, the Russian president, when participating this Friday in an informal meeting of the leaders of the BRICS group (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), affirmed that any attempt to destroy the World Trade Organization (WTO) is inadmissible. “We consider any attempt to destroy the WTO or reduce its role to be counterproductive,” Putin said.

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He also proposed that the countries of the BRICS group “should play an active role in the formation of a fairer and more stable model of global development based on the principles of equality, respect for sovereignty and taking into consideration the interests of all.”

Many world leaders have so far reacted to the statement, including French President Emmanuel Macron. “Illegal democracies or illiberal regimes can give the feeling of being more effective than liberal democracies at times, they can do that because they have much more leeway,” said Emmanuel Macron. “Because when they do not have a Parliament, a public opinion, a free media, it is certain, they are free of movements but with what purpose and who is the judge?”, He underlined.

“I do not know a greater judge than the people, I do not know any other purpose than the general interest because we serve the sovereignty of the people, that’s a liberal democracy,” he added. “So I think that an illiberal democracy or an illiberal regime can give the feeling in the short term that it is more effective but as we experienced it before, it can never last”.

Trump on the other seems to confuse what Putin was referring to as Liberalism with liberals in California. When asked by the New York Times about Putin’s claims, the President responded: “Los Angeles and San Francisco are sad to look at because they are run by Liberal people”.

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