Protests against Utah police officer who pulled gun on black teenager

Protest Utah police officer

The Black Lives Matter Organization has launched a protest against a Utah police officer for pulling a gun on a black teenager. The group is requesting the officer’s firing.

A Utah police officer has sparked protests in his state after pulling a gun on a black teenager. Protesters are calling for the officer’s firing, but the police chief of the city of Wood Cross has already expressed his intention of keeping the officer in service.

The incident happened a few weeks ago, according to Jerri Hrubes, the father of the teenager concerned. He explains that his son was playing outside and was mistaken for a potential suspect. The officer pulled a gun on him but later apologized for the incident.

As reported by local media, the officer involved was wearing a body camera but failed to turn it on when he confronted the teenager. The police department has nonetheless come to the defense of the officer, clearing him of wrongdoings. According to the police chief, the officer “did not violate protocol and did nothing wrong.”

But Black Lives Matter leaders in Utah have taken the issue to the streets requesting the immediate firing of the officer, who so far has not identified. Lex Scott, the founder of Black Lives Matter in Utah, organized the protests on Friday in front of the Woods Cross police station and said that other street protests are planned to force the firing of the officer.

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The protesters argue against the lack of accountability for police officers and the apparent brotherhood mentality within police departments around the country and specifically in their city. “I’ve seen hundreds of investigations, and guess who’s never found guilty? The police,” says Jacob Jensen, a spokesman for the organization “Utahns Against Police Brutality”.

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