Paul Crossley ‘tube pusher’ sentenced to life in prison

Paul Crossley tube

Paul Crossley, a British drug addict also known as the tube pusher for having pushed a former Eurotunnel boss onto the tracks of a subway was jailed for life with a minimum of 12 years. Paul Crossley, 47, pushed Sir Robert Malpas, 91, into a train pass at London’s Marble Arch train station on April 27.

Shortly before the “terrifying” attack on Sir Mapas, Crossley had already tried to push 23-year-old Tobias French at Tottenham Court Road Underground Station but had failed to do so. But 91-year-old Maps was not strong enough to resist the push. He only escaped being hit by a train thanks to a quick-acting bystander jumped onto the tracks to help him back to the platform – less than a minute before the next arrival was due.

The judge on the case, Judge Nicholas Hilliard, admitted that the video was terrifying to watch. “You consciously and deliberately sought out a more vulnerable victim,” he said. “The moment you saw Sir Robert you went for him.”

The defendant, a heavy crack user with paranoid schizophrenia, said he was guided by the Pet Shop Boys song “West End Girls”.

He was convicted of two counts of attempted murder at Old Bailey last year.

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