North Carolina zombie snake plays dead to surprise its preys


Beware of the North Carolina zombie snake! The US Department of Parks and Recreation warns locals and tourists about the Eastern Hog-nosed Snake, a local zombie snake that can kill. Although it is non-venomous, its “resurrection” could prove to be mortal for mere sensitive souls.

The flat-nosed snake, a snake with a stocky body that can reach a meter in length, can simulate death and “resuscitate” when needed, which makes it potentially dangerous for cardiac people, warns the Department of Parks and Recreation of North Carolina (United States).

The fact is that the snake is non-venomous and bites very rarely, if left in peace, say the authorities.

“The flat-nosed snake is dead by opening his mouth, rolling his back and writhing. If you turn it on your stomach, it will immediately turn on your back, “the statement said.

Another quirk of the species: the snake has big fangs in the back of the mouth that can pierce its potential prey “like a balloon,” according to The Charlotte Observer. The fangs inject venom into the body of its preys, very toxic to small animals, but harmless to humans.

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