Necklace with Michael Jackson’s ashes worn by his children

Neverland lawsuit.

Michael Jackson ashes necklace — A source close to the Jackson family, interviewed by Radar Online, said that the ashes of the king of pop had been put in necklaces, which now belong to the three children of the deceased. A secret hitherto well kept.

10 years already. On June 25, fans of Michael Jackson will blow the tenth candle of his death, which occurred in 2009 after acute poisoning with propofol. In an interview with Radar Online, a close friend of the King of Pop made a sensational announcement about what became of his ashes after his cremation. According to him, they were secretly entrusted to the three children of Michael Jackson, who have since kept them in jewels, already worn in public.

“The three children have the ashes of their father enshrined in jewels” reveals this source. Originally, the ashes were locked in broken heart-shaped jewelry, but they were recently transferred into new necklaces, “like the one that Paris Jackson wore during a commemoration made in honor of the king pop “a few months ago, which she was attending. Paris, Prince and Blanket very rarely wear these jewels in public, fearing to lose them or to break them. They are kept in locked urns at their homes.

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For more than ten years, Jackson’s children “would live as if their father was looking at them from above,” the source says. The media had long claimed that the king of pop was buried in the Forrest Lawn cemetery, but the reality is quite different: “The family kept the secret for security reasons, and to meet the last wishes of Michael Jackson,” says the source. It was finally Katherine, mother of the deceased, who first leaked the news to trusted friends. Note that the remaining ashes were scattered to Neverland, MJ’s favorite ranch.

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