Moon mass anomaly detected under a crater

Moon mass under crater 1

Is the moon hiding a weird mass under a crater? Indeed, the remains of an asteroid would be under a crater of the Earth’s satellite located on the far side of the moon, according to a scientific study relayed by “Numerama”.

The hidden face of the Moon is not visible from Earth. The rotations of the Moon on itself and around the Earth are of the same duration, so that only the same area is visible from Earth all the time.

The site concerned by the study is that of the Aitken crater. According to research published in “Geophysical Research Letters”, an unusual mass is located below this point. It would be the remains of an asteroid colliding with the moon.

An anomaly of several hundred kilometers

The crust of the Moon is fairly regular with the exception of crater areas. What the researchers discovered under Aitken is an anomaly of about… 300 km!

The scientists formulate two hypotheses to explain this outgrowth in depth. Either the remains of an outer body colliding with the Moon, or the remains of an ocean of magma from the creation of the Moon.

According to the most commonly accepted theory, the Moon is, in part, a piece of Earth that got detached after a huge space collision. Earth’s magma would have been under the lunar soil.

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Knowing the nature of the ground under Aitken would be particularly useful to lunar missions planned in the coming years.

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