Miami woman arrested for turtle nest stomping

Miami woman arrested turtle nest

A Miami woman was arrested for stomping on a turtle nest on the beach. The woman, who goes by the name of Yaqun Lu, was taken into custody by Miami Beach authorities after eye witnesses reported seeing her stabbing the nest with a wooden stick and stomping on it.

Miami Beach Police reported this weekend that a woman, 41 years old, by the name of Yaqyn Lu was arrested and booked into the city jail after she was seen, as reported by witness, violently attacking a turtle nest on the beach. Lu, a Chinese national who resides in Michigan, is facing multiple felony charges for violating Florida law and the U.S. Endangered Species Act of 1973. She was also placed on a 5,000 dollar bail.

Officials also reported that the eggs were protected by a fence and a warning sign clearly said not to touch the turtle nest. Nonetheless, the daring woman went through the protection fence and began to move and hit the eggs, using a stick to later walk barefoot on them.

Fortunately, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the eggs were not damaged and the nest has been restored. Sea turtles, depending on the species, are listed as Endangered or Threatened and are protected by the Endangered Species Act and the Florida Sea Turtles Protection Act.

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Anyone handling sea turtles or their eggs, for example for scientific or educational purposes, must be licensed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.

From May to October, the turtles will be in their nesting stage. The police is encouraging protect the nests of these animals in the different beaches of the state of Florida and to alert officials of any wrongdoing.

As for Yaqyn Lu, if convicted she faces up to 5 years in jail.

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