Mexico reveals Trump secret agreement

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Mexico reveals Trump’s secret agreement. Indeed, the mexican government has released an annex to the June 7 agreement on illegal immigration with the United States on Friday, June 14, a document that President Donald Trump had presented as confidential.

According to this document, which was distributed to journalists in Mexico City, the two countries pledged to discuss “the final terms of a binding bilateral agreement for a better distribution of the burden and the assignment of responsibilities for the processing of asylum requests.”.

Donald Trump had mentioned last Monday the existence of a secret clause that would allow the United States to force Mexico to stop the migration of illegal immigrants to the United States.

He had shown a press release to the press on Tuesday, saying he was going to let Mexico “disclose it at the right time.” But the enlargement of photos of the document had partially revealed its content.

The document released in Mexico City, signed by a legal advisor from each of the two parties, states that if the flow of illegal immigrants through Mexico to the United States is not slowed down, Mexico may agree to process the requests of refugee status of the United States.

In its last paragraph, this annexed document indicates that if the United States determines 45 days after the signing of the migration agreement that the measures it contains “do not produce results”, the Mexican government will take “all the necessary measures in accordance with national law “for a” binding bilateral agreement” to enter into force 45 days later.

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“This is not a binding bilateral agreement, but a document annexed to the joint declaration between the two countries,” assured the Mexican Foreign Ministry by distributing the text in English that Donald Trump had shown in distance to journalists.

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard was heard Friday in Mexico before the congressional standing committee to address opposition concerns.

He assured that in discussions with the United States, Mexico had not accepted the status of “safe third country”, which would mean that migrants arriving on its territory should seek asylum in Mexico and not in the United States.

The country is due to complete next Tuesday the deployment of 6,000 men of the National Guard on its border with Guatemala, one of Mexico’s commitments to Washington to curb illegal immigration to the United States.

The conclusion on June 7 of the illegal immigration agreement allowed Mexico to escape Donald Trump’s threat of tariffs on all Mexican products imported into the United States.

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