Jaws photos found on production set

Jaws Photos FOund

Jaws photos found. 44 years ago, the movie Jaws came out. Considered on of the scariest movies ever made, Jaws, has set the benchmark for all monster-theme movies that came after it.

But who could have thought that after all those years–more than most people have been alive–that photos taken on Jaws production set would still be found at the place they were left at almost half a century ago.

Several photos of Jaws production crew were found including one of a man handling the head of the man-eating shark. Another shows the movie crew on the beach–with Spielberg in the middle–seemingly enjoying a break from shooting the scenes. At the time Steven Spielberg was just an unknown upcoming movie director would–as we all know–would go on to influence cinema in more ways than one.

For 45 years, the photos were tucked away in the basement of the Attleboro house, a hotel in Martha’s Vineyard, where the movie was shot. John Campopiano–an avid jaws fan–who was staying at the inn along with his wife told the owner of his interests in the movie. The owner then told them that he had some photos he might be interested in.

“A couple hours later, he started texting me these photos that he had found in his basement,” Campopiano said. “I felt my heart rate go up – couldn’t believe it.”

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Jaws, directed by Steven Pielberg, is adapted from an eponymous novel by Peter Benchley, published in 1974. This book, which tells the story of a great white shark terrorizing a small town of New York State is based on real events, the deadly shark attacks that took place in 1916 on the New Jersey coast.

These attacks marked deeply American popular culture where sharks later became caricatures of danger.

“When I found them, my first instinct was, ‘I wanna share them with the world, and other fans,” Campopiano said. “And my hope is that maybe other people that have photos that nobody has seen before will be inspired to climb in their attic or go down to the basement and see if they can dig out more treasures for people to enjoy.”

Some of the images Below

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