Japan: Slug blamed for Kyushu railway chaos

Slug Japan blamed Kyushu railway

Slug Japan blamed Kyushu railway—26 canceled trains and delays for nearly 12,000 passengers. A chaos that surprises Japan, where the rail network is famous for its efficiency and punctuality. The manager? A slug, according to the rail operator.

Electricity was shut down on May 30 on several lines in the south of the archipelago operated by Kyushu Railway Company, also known as JR Kyushu.

JR Kyushu said Sunday, June 23 to have found the culprit, in this case a slug that had been introduced into an electrical box near the rails.

“We were looking for the device responsible for the power outage,” said a spokesman for the company. “We initially thought it was a bug but it was actually a dead slug. “

A “rare” incident, according to him: “We often have collision problems between trains and deer, but never slug incidents.”

After checking all the electrical boxes in the area, JR Kyushu discarded any other slug intrusion, which will prevent the trains from traveling snails speed.

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