James Bond: camera found hidden bathroom

James Bond bathroom camera

James Bond bathroom camera — Police officers just announced the arrest of a man accused of hiding a camera in the women’s toilet on the set of the next James Bond movie.

Officials from Pinewood Studios, near London, called the police last week after finding the camera near the area where director Cary Fukunaga is filming.

A few days later, Thames Valley detectives arrested Peter Hartley, a 49-year-old man who was charged with voyeurism as relayed by the British newspaper The Independent. No further details were revealed about the case and it is unclear if the man is connected to the studio or the production of the next James Bond movie.

This incident is in any case the latest in the shooting of the next part of the adventures of the British secret agent, after the precipitous departure of Danny Boyle, who abandoned the film because of disputes with the producers the year before, followed by an injury suffered by James Bond performer Daniel Craig on the set in Jamaica last month, and finally a “controlled explosion” during a waterfall, which injured a team member in early month.

A spokeswoman for Pinewood Studios said, “We take this issue very seriously. We have reported the facts to the police and are assisting them in their investigation.” The device was discovered early last week, police said.

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