Iran tanker attack mine found by US Navy

Iran tanker attack mine

Iran tanker attack mine found by US navy. A mine similar to those used by Iran was found in the Japanese tanker that was attacked in the gulf of last week.

The Japanese tanker attacked in the Gulf last week was the victim of a limpet-mine “similar to those used by Iran,” said Wednesday the US military. The Japanese tanker Kokuka Courageous was hit in the Arabian Sea by a suction muck “similar to those used by Iran,” US Navy commander Sean Kido said on Wednesday.

“The limpet mine that was used does bear a striking resemblance to that which has been publicly displayed in Iranian military parades,” said the officer during a press conference in Fujairah (United Arab Emirates), where the Japanese ship is anchored.

Commander Kido is leading Task Group 56.1, specializing in marine explosives at Naval Central Command (NAVCENT), at a US base near the port of Fujairah. “The NAVCENT believes that the attack on Kokuka Courageous and the damage it has suffered is the result of the use of a suction-cup on its hull,” said Commander Sean Kido.

“Our team arrived on the spot quickly and was able to examine the location where the limpet-mine was laid and the damage it caused,” he added. “This damage is the same as that caused by a suction mine, which does not correspond to that which could be caused by a flying machine touching the ship”.

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“The team recovered fragments caused by the detonation of the limpet-mine, composed of aluminum and composite materials,” continued Commander Kido. “We also managed to recover a magnet and note the footprint of another limpet-mine,” which has not exploded and was recovered, according to Washington, by Iranian soldiers aboard a star, shot from afar by an American helicopter. “The holes in the hull where the mine was attached, which did not explode, are also visible,” he added. “The mine was placed above the waterline, and it appears that the intention was not to sink the vessel.”

At the same time, in Iran, the Iranian Defense Minister Amir Hatami rejected “categorically” the American accusations, considering that they were “without substance”.

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