Indonesia bus crash leaves 12 dead and dozens more injured

Indonesia Bus Crash

A bus crash in Indonesia caused the death of 12 people and left dozens seriously injured. The accident happened when a passenger tried to take control of the vehicle by seizing the steering wheel.

Twelve people were killed and dozens injured Monday in a road accident in Indonesia after a passenger tried to seize the steering wheel of the bus in which he was traveling, the local police said.

The incident occurred at 1:00 am on Monday when the bus crashed into two cars and a truck in the West Java region. 43 people were injured and were transported to the hospital.

“In the middle of the trip, a passenger tried to seize by the force the steering wheel” and the driver of the bus lost control of his vehicle, tAtik Suswanti, the chief of police Majalengka road told local media.

Some 43 people are also injured in the multi-vehicle accident and were rushed to the hospital. The driver of the bus was killed, according to the authorities, and the passenger in question, aged 29, seriously injured.

Road accidents are common in the Southeast Asian archipelago where vehicles are often old and in poor condition. In September, at least 21 people were killed when a bus fell in a ravine in the Sukabumi region of western Java.

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