Holocaust survivor killed in hit and run

Holocaust survivor killed hit and run

Holocaust survivor killed in hit and run. He was a Holocaust survivor and had just turned 91 at the beginning of the month. After escaping the Nazi occupation of Ukraine, he had taken his family to the United States at age 50, fleeing from communism and anti-Semitism.

Gennady Bolotsky was trying to cross Magnolia Boulevard in Valley Village on Monday morning. He was walking his beloved dog Leelah, his companion after the death of his wife, with whom he was married for half a century.

It was 5:35 a.m. when the man set foot on the pedestrian path. Immediately, he was hit by a driver. After stopping a few moments, he ran over Bolotsky, who was lying on the floor, and walked away from the scene without giving him any assistance.

 “We would like you to have had a human soul to stop or call someone, instead of leaving him lying on the ground,” said the victim’s granddaughter, Adriana Bolotsky. “The dog stayed by his side, somehow, intact,” the girl told ABC 7.

Neighbors say that accidents happen all the time at that intersection. In fact, 15 years ago, Gennady himself had been run over by a car in that same place and survived.

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“He was supposed to live to be 100 years old or older … At age 91, he had more energy than a person half his life,” said his son, Michael Bolotsky.

The family released a video of the recent celebration of his birthday. Indeed, he danced like someone much younger. “He was full of life,” they said.

 Michael discharged his indignation on the murderer, who remains at large. “This parasite of society should not be on the streets, so please help us put it where it belongs,” he said.

The Valley Village Police Transit Division is trying to locate the vehicle, a white Toyota Tundra truck, and its owner, whose identity is unknown. Asking for the help of the public, the police released a surveillance video that shows the brutal scene of the run over.

In the images, another man is seen crossing the street simultaneously and witnessed what happened. However, he did not stop or lend help either. The police are offering a $50,000 reward for information.

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