Hagg Lake bear killed for being too friendly


Hagg Lake bear killed for being to friendly. A young black bear had to be shot down by the Oregon authorities in the northwestern United States. The wild animal had become too close to human beings and posed a danger to their safety.

US federal agents were forced to shoot down a young black bear who had become too friendly to the human presence in Oregon, reports local media. The wild animal had become so familiar that the public could get close enough to take selfies with him.

Last Tuesday, the police in Oregon state tweeted a message of caution inviting the public to stay away. But with temperatures approaching 32 °C, visitors arrived en masse in Scoggins Valley Park and the bear was fed by visitors all week.

Biologists thus made the decision to move the animal for the safety of all. But when they tried to catch him, they found several piles of food left on the road to catch his attention. As they approached, the bear did not run away. “It was very clear that the animal was too used to it,” said one of them to local media. “From then on, it was a risk to people’s safety and we had to shoot it down. “

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This young male black bear weighed about 45 kg and was 2 to 3 years old. He was old enough to live independently, says the site.

Every year, the authorities are forced to kill many bears who have become too familiar with humans. Public education is an ongoing challenge, says the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, which urges the public never to feed wild animals.

“We are sad that this ends this way,” said Brian van Kleef of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office at the Statesman Journal. “Nobody wants bears to be killed, especially their fans. But I think it was the human interactions that ultimately led to its tragic end. “

Andrei Santov

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